This is the first of a series of demonstrations of my tiny 3D engine.
While simple, it is able to handle multiple models and hierarchy relationship among them, different shading scheemes (textured, environment mapping and lambert), directional lights, two rendering pipelines for opaque and transparent polys, particle systems and many more features.
This example, just shows hierarchical management of models with lambert shading from a single directional light. It performs properly on Chrome and Opera, but this time, w/o textured polys, opera beats chrome by far.
For future releases, and while no Web-gl is enabled, I’ll port my polygon fillers, which by pixel manipulation, achieve perspective-corrected texture-mapped polygons, as well as normal mapping and texture shadowing.

Mouse drag to zoom in/out the camera, and mouse move to make the amoeba rotate.

HTML5 HypnoAmoeba live demo:


Hope you liked it.

PS: The gorgeous color picker is from jscolor.com. Thank you very much for the widget Jan, keep up the good work.

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